Salads / Side dishes / Sauces


Fresh mixed salad with dressing of:

roquefort, pesto, orange vinaigrette or french

2190 Ft

La Pampa salad

1890 Ft

Mozzarella „Napoleon”

Mozzarella tower with fresh tomato, and pesto

2390 Ft

Caesar saláta „Classic”

Fresh lettuce leaves with croutons, capers, Caesar dressing and parmesan

2690 Ft

Caesar salad „Carlos”

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast

2990 Ft

Caesar salad „Atlantico”

Caesar salad with smoked Norwegian salmon

3190 Ft

Ruccola salad

Angus tenderloin strips with Dijon mustard laid on a bed of ruccola

4290 Ft

Side dishes

French fries

890 Ft

Steak fries

940 Ft

Steak fries variety

940 Ft

“La Pampa” potato

Whole baked potato stuffed with garlic sour cream and covered with crispy bacon and cheese

990 Ft

Potato- Croquette

990 Ft

Deep fried shredded potato filled with cheese

940 Ft

Mashed potato with garlic

940 Ft

Onion rings

940 Ft

Grilled seasonal vegetables

1490 Ft

Fresh Mixed Salad

1290 Ft

Steamed asparagus

1390 Ft

Steamed spinach with melted cheese

1090 Ft

Spinach puree with cream

990 Ft

Grilled pumpkin

940 Ft

Mini corn on the cobs

890 Ft

Jasmine rice

840 Ft

Steamed spinach

890 Ft


Red wine sauce

790 Ft

La Pampa sauce (bbq)

790 Ft

Green pepper sauce

790 Ft

Garlic sauce

790 Ft

Blue cheese Sauce

790 Ft

Mushroom sauce

790 Ft


790 Ft

Chili BBQ sauce

790 Ft

Mushroom sauce with truffle

840 Ft

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