Cold starters

Foie gras créme brulée with a red onion marmalade

2390 Ft

Carpaccio de Lomo

Finely cut angus steak drizzled with a chimichurri sauce

3590 Ft

Beef tartar

3690 Ft

Jamones Ibericos - Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

Deliciously cured ham from corn fed Iberian pigs, served with wheat bread

4190 Ft

Mixed plate of Spanish specialities

3890 Ft

Tabla de Quesos

Selection of Hungarian artisan cheeses served with dried fruits

2690 Ft

Hot starters

Empanadas (3db)

Typical Argentinian pastries filled with minced angus beef, chicken and spinach

1590 Ft

La Pampa (BBQ) wings
6 db

Crispy roasted chicken wings cured in a BBQ sauce served with celery sticks and „La Pampa” sauce

1990 Ft

Lava stone cheese

Grilled smoked cheese served with mixed salad

2490 Ft

Gambas al Ajillo

Roasted prawns served in chili, garlic and olive oil jus

3390 Ft


Beef broth with truffle dumplings

1190 Ft

Seasonal cream soup

1290 Ft

Garlic cream soup with toast fried in goose fat

1290 Ft

Black bean soup with chili and tenderloin stripes

1290 Ft

Lamb soup with tarragon

1590 Ft

Creamy shrimp soup

1490 Ft

Spoil your taste buds with a seductive dining experience in the famed Budapest steak restaurant, La Pampa!
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